China Coal Information Institute

    China Coal Information Institute grew out the former China Coal Scientific and Technical Information Institute that was set up in 1959. It is directly affiliated to the State Administration of Coal Industry(formerly the Ministry of Coal Industry),with more than 800 employees providing all round information services such as document retrieval, information research, book and journal publishing, audio-video products publishing, patent service and coal related sci-tech knowledge popularization.

leading group of China Coal Information Institute:(from left)Zhang Wenshan, Dou Qingfeng, Huang Shengchu, Yi Lie,  He Guojia .

Professor Huang Shengchu, President

    The main functions of China Coal Information Institute are to provide information to the decision-making process by the leadership of the country's coal sector and the relevant state authorities as well as provide coal enterprises and the whole society with technical/economic information, scientific and technical documents and literatures, market investigation, information research, and consultancy,technology tranafer,books, publications and audio-video products, domestic and international trade agency service and multi-language translation and interpretation services.

Prefessor Dou Qingfeng, First Vice-President

    Presently, China Coal Information Institute's library has a total stock of more than 100,000 copies of books, periodicals and journals. It also publishes yearly 200 different kinds of books and more than 30 kinds of audio-video products. The institute has also set up its web site "", electronic library and more than 30 databases open to the country's coal sector. So far, China Coal Information Institute has established cooperation relations with 24 organizations in 14 different countries.
    As the national coal information management authorities,China Coal Information Institute manages the operation and control of

the  country's 20 coal industry information centers, 21 provincial and autonomous regional coal information centers and more than 150 coal information sub-centers at grass-root enterprises and institutions level.

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Mr. Fan Weitang,former Vice Minister of coal industry,
is discussing study projects with CCII's leaders and specialists

1. Information Research and Consultant Service

    China Coal Information Institute has a contingent of highly professional information researchers of high quality. A considerable proportion of the contingent is composed of senior researchers such as experts at the national level, professors, returned students from overseas and younger generation of backbone researchers. With professional interests ranging from science, technology, economics and foreign languages, the research contingent of China Coal

Information Institute can provide special project research, information consultant service, network services, international cooperation project consultant service and go-between services to the government decision-making process and enterprises' development projects. China Coal Information Institute has several specialized research centers such as Mining Technology Information Center, Clean Energy and Environment Center, Coal Mine Safety Information Center, Economic Information Center, Coalbed Methane Clearinghouse and Network Center. A batch of important research achievements have won ministerial level science and technology advancement awards for their important role in the decision-making process of government authorities and enterprises. Coalbed Methane Clearinghouse, an outstanding example of the inter-governmental cooperation between the Chinese and U.S. governments, has been awarded grants by the U.S.EPA for five consecutive years. Clean Energy and Environment Center has been carrying out the project "China-Britain Cleaner Coal Technology Information Service", a project tetween China Coal Information Institute and ETSU, DTI of UK.xt95.gif (1443 字节)

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The "International Workshop on Coalbed Methane Recovery and Utilization "is held in Kunlun Hotel,Beijing,organized by CCII,sponsored by the Chna State Administration of Coal Industry and the US Environmental Protection Agency

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Mr. Huang Shengchu, Assistant to the CCII President, works with ADB experts on coalbed methane project site in Yangquan, Shanxi Province.

2. Information Resources
China Coal Information Institute is in charge of the national grade I science and technology project novelty retrieval work and the patent service in China's coal industry. With a total of more than 100,000 volumes of coal science and technology devoted literatures published both in China and
abroad, China Coal Information Institute is capable of carrying out, also with the help of the world wide web, on-line retrieval service with more than 200 specialized databases available in China and abroad. With a set of high-speed image scanner/laser disc preparation system, China Coal Information Institute has developed a series of laser discs such as  "ChinaCoal Documents 5.gif (14754 字节)
The CCII is a national grade I sci-tech novelty retrieval consultant unit.
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The CCII is the patent service center of the coal sector of China.
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The abundant stock of books and literature.

Database", "World Coal Literatures Database", "China Coal Industry Standards", "China Coal Industry Laws andRegulations", as well as publishing a series of information periodicals and newsletters such as "China Mining Literatures", "Coal Data" and "Coal Market". In addition, China Coal Information Institute also provides wide range of information service in such fields as R&D novelty retrieval, consultant, patent services, data-base development, translation and training, etc.

3. China coal information web's all-round information services
    China coal information web (coalinfo) is a special information web established under the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Administration of Coal Industry. Keeping a foothold in China's coal sector and facing the markets in China and abroad, "coalinfo" provides web commercial services and sci-tech information services. China coal information web  include: domain name registration, ads on the web, information release, database novelty retrieval, assistance to enterprises' intra-nets, producing databases in laser disc form and dynamic information services (including columns such as coal news, coal market, coal science and technology, supply-demand hot-line, call for business and capital).

4. Publishing house
    A total of more than 50 editors with senior or intermediate professional titles are working in the editorial, publishing and distribution departments. Books and publications are dealing with geology, shaft sinking, coal mining, electrical-mechanical engineering, coal washing and preparation and enterprise management. Various kinds of text-books, dictionaries, handbooks, directories and other books and publications as well as "China coal Industry Yearbook" (English edition and Chinese edition) are also published here.

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Some best scientific and technical books.

5.Audio-video Publishing hose
    Approved by the State Journalism and Publications Administration, the coal industry audio-video publishing house is the coal sector's exclusive legal publisher and distributor of these products. The publishing house has its business department, scenario and director department, distribution department and Michael Advertising Co. The publishing house also has a video production hall equipped with complete set of modern facilities. A group of specialized personnel is working in team spirit for scenario creation, photography, editing,

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The audio-video studio of the Audio-Video Pulishing House.

production and distribution. The main task of the audio-video publishing house is to produce and distribute audio and video products dealing with coal industry sci-tech exchanges, education and training, scitech knowledge popularization and dissemination, enterprise management, culture and arts and other audio-video products. The publishing house can also provide image design to enterprises and serve as advertising agent for customers from both China and abroad.

6. Information reportage
    Under China Coal Information Institute, the Press Center is in charge of the editing, publishing and distribution business of "CHINA COAL" (Chinese edition and English edition) and "MODERN MINER", both are monthly periodicals. The Press Center is also responsible for the use and arrangement of the light-box gallery in front of the office building of the State Administration of Coal Industry. The light-box gallery is mainly used for dissemination coal related sci-tech knowledge and publicizing the new look of China's coal enterprises. The Press Center also serves as an advertising agency.

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The CCII leader and U.S. INTERTEC Publishing representative sign a cooperation agreement covering the publication of "COAL AGE" Chinese edition.

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The CCII leader and Japances Changying Co. sign contract for cooperation project.
7. Printing business
    With its over 40 years of printing history, the China-Japan Joint Venture Changying Printing Co., Ltd. (China Coal Industry Publishing House Printing Shop) is approved by the State Journalism and Publications Administration as a state appointed printing shop for the production of books and periodicals. The printing shop has a total floor space of 11,000m2, a large number of well trained workers as well as modern printing equipment. The printing shop can therefore provide all-round services ranging from book design, computerized type-setting to

platemaking, printing and bookbinding.
    The colour printing shop is equipped with quarto four-colour offset press made in Heidelberg, Germany and folio four colour Roland offset press, HAMADA octavo two-colour pressmade in Japan. The bookbinding shop is equipped with type FE2000 made in Germany and Muler Martini AG Zofingen gluing/binding machine which offers fully mechanized gluing/binding process.

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The advanced press used in the printing shop of the CCII.

    8. China Coal Information Development Corporation

      Approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission, China Coal Information Development Corporation is a state-owned enterprise registered with the State Administration of Industries and Commerce.
      China Coal Information Development Corporation is aneconomic entity devoted to both scientific research and

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The "Jingguang"brand maintenance free miner's lamps designed and manufactrred by the CCII.

industrial development. In March 1999 the corporation signed an official agency contract with the U.S. Whitmore's Company to act as the exclusive agent in China's coal sector to sell the high performance lubricants that have very good anti-leakage functions for use in coal mining and roadway heading machines.
      By way of joint venture operation, China Coal information Development Corporation also set up Tianjin Municipal China Coal Batteries Co., Ltd. In collaboration with Tianjin Jinhai Novel Batteries Factory. Using complete set of equipment introduced from the U.S., the batteries Co., Ltd. Is turning out maintenance free batteries and "Jingguang" brand maintenance free miner's lamps. Both products have been authenticated by the ISO9002 and UKAS and have been awarded the 1996 national novel products certificates. On obtaining production license, flame-proof product certificate and safety identification certificate, both products have now been promoted for wide-spread use by coal industries both in China and abroad.
      China Coal Information Development Corporation also has a colour document preparation center. The center is equipped with advanced G3/350 Apple computers and the like, AGFA A36S typesetting machine made in Germany, Hautech drum scanner made in the U.S. and Sanying standard-sized computerized automatic development and printing machine made in Taiwan. With all these equipment, the colour document preparation center can provide services ranging from design and printing of picture books, advertisements in periodicals, product brochures, book covers, to colour separated film output, black-white film output and text typesetting, etc.

9. International consultant services
    The international consultant services of China Coal Information institute have reached technical and economic cooperation with 24 organizations in 14 countries and regions. The cooperation activities so far realized include: E/I trade intermediary service, foreign trade agency service, evaluation and feasibility studies for international cooperation projects, technical export and import, organizing technical investigation tours abroad, trade talks, cooperative publishing business, etc.
    Endowed with senior translators and technical professionals fluent in foreign languages such as English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, polish, Korean and Romanian, China Coal Information Institute has the ability to undertake international conferences and provide interpretation and translation services.

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