Third International Methane and Nitrous Oxide  Mitigation Conference
Third International Methane and Nitrous Oxide  Mitigation Conference


Day 1: November 17, 2003 (Session 1)
Day 2: November 18, 2003 (Sessions 2, 3, 4)
Day 3: November 19, 2003 (Sessions 3, 4 continued)
Additional Papers

Day 1: November 17, 2003

Session 1: Methane & Nitrous Oxide Emissions Inventories and Mitigation Measures
Moderator: Ben DeAngelo

Modeling Impacts of Agricultural Management Alternatives on CH4 and N2O Emissions at Large Regional Scale: A Case Study for China
Changsheng Li, Steve Frolking, Berrien Moore III, Jianjun Qiu, William Salas, Xiaoke Wang, Xiangming Xiao, and Yahui Zhuang Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire

CH4 and N2O Emission Mitigation Potential in Agroecosystems: Role of GIS and Process- based Models in Assessing Project-level Mitigation Options
William Salas, Applied Geosolutions, Changsheng Li, University of New Hampshire

Selected Variations in Management of U.S. Dairy Production Systems; Implications for Whole Farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economic Returns
D.E. Johnson, H.W. Phetteplace, A.F. Seidl, Colorado State University, U. Schneider, Germany; B.A. McCarl, Texas A&M University, Colorado State University

Measurements and Verification of GHG Emissions from Agroecosystems
R. Desjardins, H. Janzen, S. Kaharabata, D. Masse, E. Pattey, R. Riznek, L. Savard, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; T. Denmead, CSIRO Australia; L. Harper , I. MacPherson, U.S. Department of Agriculture; T. Zhu, Peking University

A Research-based Approach to Improvement of the New Zealand National Inventory Dominated by Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions (Abstract Only)
Dr. Gerald Rys, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Dr. Harry Clark, Dr. Cecile de Klein, Dr. Stewart Ledgard, AgResearch, Dr. Frank Kelliher, Landcare Research; Dr. Keith Lassey, NIWA; Associate Professor Rob Sherlock, Lincoln University; Dr. Stephen Thomas, Crop and Food Research, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock Feeding Systems -a Review of the Indicies of Efficiency
G.J. McCrabb, International Livestock Research Institute; R.A. Hunter, CSIRO Livestock Industries, Australia; F. Terada, National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Japan; M. Kurihara, National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Japan; T. Wirth, U.S. EPA

Opportunities for GHG Mitigation in Agricultural Systems and the Technology Transfer
Lin Erda, Agro-Environment & Sustainable Development Institute, CAAS

A Systemic Approach To Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions From An Agricultural Source
Michiel R.J. Doorn, Arcadis; Alex O. Hobbs, North Carolina State University

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Day 2: November 18, 2003

Session 2: Joint Agriculture-Economic Session
Moderator: Brian Murray, Research Triangle Institute

Economic Potential of Agricultural Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: An Investigation in the United States
Bruce A. McCarl and Dhazn Gillig, Texas A&M; Uwe A. Schneider, Hamburg University; Heng-Chi Lee, Western Ontario; Francisco de la Chesnaye, U.S. EPA

Economic Context for Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options
Ron Sands, Joint Global Change Research Institute

Preliminary Mitigation Estimates for Soil N2O, Enteric CH4, Rice CH4, and Manure CH4
Ben DeAngelo, Tom Wirth, Francisco de la Chesnaye, U.S. EPA; Brian Murray, Allan Sommer, Robert Beach, Research Triangle Institute

Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture: Analysing the Room for Manoeuvre for Mitigation, in Case of Carbon Pricing
Daniel Deybe, DG Recherche de la Commission Europeene; Abigaïl Fallot, CIRAD Amis Ecopol UMR CNRS

13:30 - Concurrent Sessions

Session 3: Enteric & Manure
Moderator: Graeme McCrabb

Session 4: Soils & Rice
Moderator: Chengsheng Li

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Day 3: November 19, 2003

Session 3: Enteric & Manure
Moderator: Dong Hongmin

Session 4: Soils & Rice
Moderator: Lin Erda

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Additional Papers

The Economics, Energy Use Efficiency, and Greenhouse Emissions of High and Low Inputs Used in Agriculture: A Wheat-Pea Rotation Study
M. Khakbazan, M. Monreal, D.A. Derksen, C.A. Grant, and A.P. Moulin, Brandon Research Center, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; R.P. Zentner, Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre

Management Variations of U.S. Beef Production Systems; Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Profitability
D.E. Johnson, H.W. Phetteplace, and A.F. Seidl, Colorado State University; U.A. Schneider, University of Hamburg (Germany); B.A. McCarl, Texas A&M University

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